Neuropathy, Causes And Its Effects

eb2c45ce8dfbac2221d1a4d72bde_h351_w526_m2_bblack_q99_p99_coctmsgygAnother name of neuropathy is peripheral neuropathy. Any medical condition that would affect the regular physical activity of the peripheral nervous system is called neuropathy. To know more on neuropathy information and other medical news you can browse through who is a medical research agency turning their discoveries to health.

Peripheral Nervous System
It is the grid of nerves, which links the central nervous system, brain and the backbone to the other parts of the body. There are three types of nerves in a peripheral nervous system, which keeps your body active and healthy.

1. Sensory Nerves
They take information from your senses to your brain through the spinal cord. For instance, they intimate your brain when you are touching hot objects.
2. Motor Nerves
They usually travel the other way round. The muscles are sent a message from the brain to stay away from hot objects.
3. Autonomic Nerves
They control the body functions, which are spontaneous, and not under our control like blood pressure, blinking, heartbeat.

When the above nerves or a group of nerves are destroyed, then it results in Neuropathy. When the nerves get damaged, then the way of communicating with brain changes entirely. Neuropathy can damage either a single nerve or a group of nerves.

Reasons For Neuropathy

· Hereditary Neuropathy
For few, it starts right after they are born and it may also be hereditary.
The widespread hereditary neuropathy is Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease which affects multiple nerves like motor and sensory. Thousands of people are affected by CMT in the USA. The lower half of the body including the leg muscles and foot gets weakened when affected by CMT. You can even find defects in the feet hence it becomes hard to walk and may lead you to fall. Sometimes it even affects the hand muscles. The neuropathy caused by hereditary can’t be cured while the rest can be cured to some extent.

· Acquired Neuropathy
There are many reasons for acquired neuropathy. Few of them are as follows:

· Shock: This may be due to accidental injury caused by a fall, accident, and collision or while playing any sports activity like baseball. The shock to the peripheral nerves can happen due to the nerve compression, which leads to repeated stress, and the nerve space gets narrowed down.

· Diseases: Virus-like Human Immunodeficiency Virus and the bacteria, which cause Lyme diseases, are the major germs which damage the nerve fibers. There are few autoimmune disorders, which affects the tissue in the nerves. Example: Rheumatoid Arthritis.
· Medicines: Some drugs are high and are used in chemotherapy. The toxic materials in them affect the nerve functionality.

· Alcohol: Over consumption of alcohol may take off the thiamine and other much need nutrients in the body, which in turn leads to neuropathy in both hands and legs.

· Vitamin Deficiency: There are few vitamins which have to be at an average level of vitamin E, B12, B9, B6 which aids in healthy nerve functions.

When the reason for neuropathy cannot be identified, then it is called as idiopathic neuropathy. More than half of the neuropathy cases come under idiopathic neurography, and the primary reason is the result of diabetics.