Valuable Options To Shave Your Head Bald

shaveConsidering shaving your head bald, here are some options you should consider before taking the plunge. Men who feel they are lacking in hair find it a relieving option to shave their head bald. There are many techniques available to complete this process and the following information will be on how to choose the best shaver to shave head bald. There are many electric shavers available on, Amazon and another e-commerce website. Before making a choice, understand the importance of choosing the right razor. You can find many brands to choose from and it could be confusing to make a choice. Here is help for those who are looking for head shavers.

Cartridge based razor
Choosing a razor for your head means it has to glide on the surface, because the shape of the head is like a ball. There are chances of getting cut or bruised if the razor does not glide smoothly. Cheap shavers available in the market do not provide the grip or comfort of a smooth shave. Forget about saving a few bucks and invest in a swivel head cartridge razor similar to Gillette ProFusion. Razors like these deliver a close shave by working on the contours of your head. Cheap razors leave out patches of hair on top of the head or behind the ears. With Gillette Flexball handle you can be confident that even stubble hair in rounded areas and difficult to reach places is removed efficiently.

Basic cartridge razor
Budget cartridges can offer you a close shave but you may have to run the razor a second time for a smooth shave. The contours of the head need two shaves before all the hair is removed. Of course this can take some extra time. Some men do not mind running the second time, but for others it could be eating into their productivity who cannot afford to lose another 10 minutes for the sake of the second run. For those who are hard pressed for time and who are shaving their head for the first time, a stiff cartridge razor is not recommended. If you are not strict on your budget there are some excellent alternatives.

Double edge razor
Experts always bank on double edge razor. It is a great way to go about wet shaving. But it comes with a word of caution when you are using it on your head. A double edge safety razor is a cheap means to shave your head on a regular basis. These razors are cheap in comparison with a cartridge or electric shavers. While using this razor ensure the blade is in a 30-degree angle for effective a faster shave, else you may be left bleeding and be a victim of razor burn. There is a chance it may nick your head if not used properly. For a comfortable shave appropriate shaving tools are needed like shaving cream, shaving brush and aftershave lotion for a refreshing feel.

HeadBlade Razor
Beginners can try HeadBlade razor, the glide system with miniature wheel can help roll over your head with ease while in the shaver or when you are in a hurry. The product is smaller and not suitable for men with huge hands. The HeadBlade is specially designed for the head unlike the cartridge razor that can be used on your face as well.

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